Adventure Tourism

Come to HOLBOX and participate in one of many possibilities for ADVENTURE.
HOLBOX and it's surroundings have been declared National Reserve so all the different species of sea birds that nest here are protected, you can see with binoculars, the nesting areas o:

There are some families of manatees in the Mangrove Rivers of YALAHAU lagoon; also you will encounter playful dolphins.

IN THE SEA, AND LAGOONS AND MANGROVE RIVERS, you will find many species of fish that include, bonefish in the flats, and tarpon, and in the sea you can catch large barracudas, snappers, bonitos, mackerels’, black groupers etc, even.

There are some very important seasons in HOLBOX, the birth of many species of birds in their nesting grounds, the coming of sea turtles to lay their eggs, and then several weeks later the birth of hundreds of little sea turtles that are kept in care of the islanders for 24 hours and then released into the sea, the next evening.

The yearly visit of families of WHALE SHARKS, enormous gentle giants, the largest fish alive that come together in the nearby waters where the CARIBEEAN CURRENT, that flows north on our CARIBEEAN coast, mixes with the waters of the GULF OF MEXICO on the summer months make HOLBOX ISLAND a must for visitors.

As this giant fish eat on the surface, gulping plankton, you can swim beside them and even touch their skins. It can be the adventure of a life time, and we are lucky that these protected giants come every year to our waters.
Camping with the islanders on their fishing camps in CABO CATOCHE will allow you to see how they fish, how they spear fish for large groupers and snappers, we will provide the tents and all that is needed.
Boat trips to the CONTOY ISLAND that is also a National park for birds, will take you to beautiful coral reefs where you can snorkel or do serious diving.
If not a serious mariner, then ride a horse on the beach and rent a golf cart and do your own exploration on island. SHELL HUNTING and PHOTOGRAPHY are also some of the many things to do while you vacation with us.
The best sport in HOLBOX is of course resting, relaxing and reading in our coconut gardens.
Do bring your CAMERAS AND BINOCULARS because you will be able to take many scenes in these primitive and natural seascapes.


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